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This is one of the most frequently asked questions by all my clients. What should I or we wear for our session? As a result, I made this quick, helpful, style guide to help you look your best in your photos while staying true to yourself and your personal style.

With that said, no matter what you decide to put on, just make sure your day is full of love (couples) and laughter! So let loose, have fun, and don't let anything stop you from doing just that!

Dressing yourself in the morning is hard enough when you don’t have to stand in front of a camera and be your best self. Choosing what to wear for a photoshoot can trigger even the most confident, farshun-ey fashionista to pull their entire wardrobe out onto the floor in search of the perfect outfit.

So if your nerves start to fizz when you think about what to wear, don’t worry. This is SO normal! Before you lose sleep to late nights spent online shopping--putting articles of clothing in your cart only to take them out again--let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t.

Number one thing I want you to remember? Being comfortable is EVERYTHING. You should look and feel like yourself, first and foremost.

It’s not uncommon for people to want to shop for new, sparkly, fabulous clothes to wear to a photoshoot. And that’s totally fine - if that’s your jam. But let’s talk about comfort a little more. Do you think you’d be more comfortable in your favourite t-shirt and jeans or a new clingy little black dress?

The best route is usually to go with something that’s tried and true. Something you know moves with you and hugs you in all the right places. Don’t get me wrong - it 100% does not have to be jeans and a t-shirt. You can glam it up a bit more if that’s what you fancy. But if authenticity is what you’re after, you’re going to have to show up as yourself. And if you want to capture this time of your life in all its glory, then it’s about the feeling of being in your own skin.

Couples Sessions

Avoid being matchy-matchy. Instead pick a staple color and coordinate your outfits around that. You don't need to match, just coordinate your styles with colors that compliment the current season of your session. The most important thing to me is that you feel and look like yourselves. If you're not comfortable with what you're wearing, you will be constantly thinking about that instead of focusing on each other.

For those that chose the Full Engagement or Portrait Sessions remember to bring several outfit options that you can change into at each location. Two or three are usually just a great option. I can help you pick from your options with what will look best for the environment we will be shooting in. All you have to do is bring outfits that make you feel like a million bucks! Just don't bring the whole closet, okay?

Make sure it makes sense

Think about the conditions and locations we are going to be shooting in and plan around it. If we are going to be hiking or walking around a lot, bring shoes with good grip that you won’t twist your ankles in. If we are shooting on a sandy beach, it would look weird if you’re wearing shoes. If it’s freezing cold outside, bring lots of layers and warm clothes with wool socks and boots. If it’s going to be hot, bring clothes that breathe so you don’t have sweaty pit stains in the photos. Be as comfortable as you can be, while also dressing for the environment! 

Note: High heels are almost always a bad idea in most rugged scenarios. Bring sandals to walk around in if you choose to wear them for photos.


This is a big one for me. I LOVE movement and clothes and accessories that can catch the wind. It adds energy to your images and it looks gorgeous! Also, make sure that the materials you wear will keep you comfortable during the shoot... not only for temperatures but also for being able to move around in. If you're in brand new jeans that are still stiff and tight, you might be distracted during the shoot, especially when you have to move around or sit. I recommend bringing clothes that are "broken in" so that you'll be as comfortable as possible.

Personalize your photoshoot

Whether we are staying in or going out, it is good to consider what you want to bring and include in the shoot. It makes the session more personable, fun and comfortable! What things represent you as a couple? What things are meaningful to you? What things do you love to do together? What are your favorite parts about your life together?

For outside shoots I recommend bringing one or two things of meaning.

Here are a few ideas of things to include/bring:

Your favorite food

Your favorite beer or wine

Musical instrument

Your pet

Books you love

For inside photoshoots, also think about your favorite areas around the house. Tell me about them and lets plan something fun and memorable!

Some ideas:

Making tea or coffee together

Making your favorite meal or dessert together

Enjoying coffee or tea on your porch

Working in the garden

Carving pumpkins

Eating popcorn while watching a movie

Cuddling in bed



Some of my favorite colors for each season:

Spring: light denim, pastels, whites, greens, blues.

Summer: whites, bright colors (no neon), pinks, blues.

Fall: mustard yellows, oranges, reds, browns, light denim.

Winter: Deep reds, purples, dark denim, blacks, booties, jewel tones.


Something as simple as layering can add so much movement and depth to your photos. Adding in a light jacket, flannel, cardigan, scarf - you name it! During the warmer months its nice to start off in layers and take them off as it gets warm. The opposite is true during the colder months - I always say start off in your dress and then lets change into warmer clothes with layers!


Avoid big, loud, chunky, crazy patterns. The smaller or more subtle, the better! If the pattern is too loud, it will distract from your faces. Flannels are always a yes in my book! I usually try to avoid pairing too many patterns together because, you guessed it, it makes the photos feel a little hectic and distracting from your faces and the location. Also, be sure to iron your clothes before so there’s not huge wrinkles distracting from your faces either!


To be honest, I am not a huge fan of logos or having a quote, large picture across my shirt or hat. I think they can get distracting, that being said, I am a sucker for a good design. It really is all on the placement, and how bold the logo is. If you are questioning it, just text me over a picture! I am always happy to help, in fact, I LOVE to!

Let's make it easy!

The main thing to remember is that this is going to be a fun experience! What I hear most often from couples after a shoot is how relaxed they felt and how surprised they were at how much fun we had. I don’t want you to feel like this is something you have to do. This experience should feel like a fun date together! Your only job is to be present and be yourself, I’ll do the rest!